What Is Down Syndrome And How To Deal With It:

If one of your family members have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome there are a lot of things that we could do to help the person live a normal life as much as possible. Down syndrome is a genetic disease that affects the physical, emotional, mental development of a child. Developmental delays can range from mild, moderate to severe and there is no cure for this yet but the symptom can be effectively managed by letting the child undergo the right kind of treatment and medication for it.Most doctors would recommend to the parents to allow their child to undergo nice pediatric occupational therapy which can help the kid improve his basic motor and cognitive and language skills. 

Children with Down Syndrome are often having difficulties expressing himself thus communicating with others is also quite affected. It is important that the family worked hand in hand with professionally trained personnel by attending and observing sensory occupational therapy Glenwood sessions. The reason being is for family members to have an actual idea on how to handle different types of behavioural challenges that kids with Down syndrome usually exhibit. If the kid is diagnosed with a severe case of

Down syndrome, it would be best for him to undergo daily therapy sessions for the first few years, until the time comes that he is already able to do self-care activities on his own such as brushing, bathing, eating on his own and other basic tasks. Therapy sessions can gradually be decreased if the patient would show big improvements when it comes to activities of daily living . Another thing that the family can do aside from therapy sessions is to enroll the kid in special education classes to help enhance his social and mental skills. A lot of patients with down syndrome are able to lead a normal and happy life because they are given the opportunity to attend school just like normal children. There are even cases wherein kids are able to attend regular school and even graduate at top universities. Lastly we would like to encourage everyone from the family to be supportive and encouraging to the kid with Down syndrome. It is important that we always make them feel loved and and supported. Do not let them feel that they are different from the rest of the children out there which can lead into inferiority complex. Just support the needs of the kid all the way and a bright and normal kind of life awaits him. Always remain positive and keep working together as a family.