Surviving A Severe Sore Throat, A Few Home Remedies

All of us at least once in our lifetimes have experienced and been a victim to this extremely annoying pain in the throat. If you haven’t experienced it, here’s how it feels. Imagine, a knifebeing pierced right through you throat and its stuckright there. Or a small sized wrecking ball filled with sharp edged nails clogged in your throat, and every time you swallow solid food, you feel like you’ve accomplished a great task. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but trust me, if you’ve gone through the mill, you won’t say otherwise. For some of us, this is like a college assignment, we fall victim to it very often, like every time we indulge in an ice-cream or accidently get wet in the rain. To make life and eating easy, I’ve piled up a few home remedies you could get used to, to treat a terrible sore throat.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

A fermented liquid made with crushed apples, that’s what it is. However they’re also a magical liquid that has a high chance of helping you get rid of the irritation in your throat caused but bacterial infections. A sore throat usually requires antibiotics, but drinking ACV in small amount can surely help you sooth a sore throat. You can have it by mixing it with a little bit of honey and a mug of water or even lemon juice and green tea, however you wish.


Honey is just another natural medicine found everywhere from a compounding pharmacy Berwick to conventional food stores. And probably even at your own home, stuck in the jar, its benefits too abandoned along with it. Drinking warm water with a teaspoon of lime and honey, is absolutely one of themost common remedies to heal a sore throat. Although honey alone can treat coughs too. Here’s to one of the best natural home remedy that’s packed with antibacterial elements.

Marshmallow Root.

Marshmallow roots are a tried and tested cure from the middle ages to fight sore throat. Not only sore throat, but for anyone suffering from a bad cough or even digestive problems. Who knew that these fluffy cute sugary snacks are made of highly healthy stuff? Before if you start imagining gulping down marshmallows, the roots are what that’s got seven healing benefits, so don’t get your thoughts twisted yet. If you haven’t got them, run down to the nearest store or pharmacy Berwick and get yourself treated with a promising home remedy.


According to research carried out in 2009, post-surgery patients, who had gargled with licorice water were less likely to fall victim to sore throat inflammation. Licorice root is also widely known to sooth and cure a sore throat and eradicate cough inducing phlegm. It’s a natural sweet tea, so you want have problems sipping it up, because most of us with a sore throat have a hard time eating and drinking due to the appetite that’s lost.