Reasons For Shoulder Pain

All of us are well aware with the word ‘pain’ that often attack us all of a sudden. From a very tender age we feel different kinds of pain. We feel it even more when we get into any activity. Pain has many reasons. People who do hard work, pain is a loyal companion to them. Due to the hard work different tissues and muscles get affected at times and we feel pain. We get hurt or sometimes we actually don’t know the reason of the pain. Even, sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to pain. There are reasons for each and every pain. Many people suffer from shoulder pain. Not knowing the reasons and doing something wrong can increase the pain. We should know the reasons to treat or at last lessen it.

Wearing tissues:

This is a real cause of shoulder pain. Our tissues start to wear and tear due to injury. It is also a very normal process of our ageing body. This wearing of tissues causes injuries resulting in shoulder pain. Injury can happen to people of all ages and everyone can feel pain due to the tearing of tissues. Infrared laser therapy can help people to heal.


Injuries are closely related to sport. Some sports involve a lot of overhead motion. Such motion increases the risk of injuries. Sports, like volleyball, tennis, swimming and weightlifting, put too much pressure on shoulders. Any wrong motion can injure shoulders. If this kind of activity is continued over a long time, shoulder pain may arise. So, people involved in these must be careful as injury can stop them from continuing training. Laser treatment for pain relief can solve the problem by faster healing process.


Arthritis in shoulder is a painful condition. Osteoarthritis is a condition that happens to people with wearing out cartilage. Cartilage offers a cushioning between the bones in a joint. When the cartilage wears out, the bones touch each other and cause pain. People sometimes need surgery to get relief from this condition. Another condition to cause a cartilage loss is rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is also very painful.

Shoulder tendinitis:

This is the inflammation in the shoulder joints. People suffering from this will feel stiff and painful shoulder. Aged people suffer from this as the tendons can no longer tolerate an impact and are less stretchy. Athletes involved in games, like swimming, weightlifting, volleyball, need to use their shoulder. Wrong technique often causes this problem and it is very painful.