Effects Of Bad Oral Hygiene

Health care should be every individual’s main priority.  Some people already focus on their physical fitness and proper diet. To achieve the over health, we should also take into consideration our mental and spiritual health. Not only that, but we should also focus on our oral health.

Good oral health is a result of good oral hygiene. Not everyone knows that a bad oral hygiene can have adverse effects to the human body. When we didn’t take good care of our teeth and gums, we can get sick. The following are some of the effects of bad oral hygiene.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Poor dental health can increase the risk of heart or cardiovascular diseases. The bacteria that cause inflammation of gums can also get its way into the bloodstream. It affects the arteries by building up of plaque and hardening the arteries. These can result in heart blockage and blood flow problems. It is better to prevent this fatal disease. The best to prevent it is by taking good care of your teeth. A regular visit to the dentist as well as proper teeth brushing is just some of the oral practices


Bad oral hygiene can also have an effect on the brain. Infectious substances from the gums can kill brain cells that result in memory loss. Dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease can be the result of poor oral hygiene. It can be from gingivitis. The bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and spread to the different nerve channels.

Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infection can be the result of poor oral hygiene. The bacteria present in the mouth from swollen gums and infected teeth can reach the lungs through breathing or bloodstream. The bacteria can cause pneumonia, respiratory infections, and acute bronchitis.

Complications during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the woman’s body can increase the chances of oral infections. There are higher risks of pregnancy complications if the mother’s body experiences any infections. Gingivitis, periodontitis and any other type of oral health problems during pregnancy can cause premature birth, low birth weight of infants and many others.

Kidney Disease

Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease. The bacteria from this disease can affect the kidneys resulting in chronic kidney disease. This affects the functions of the kidney, bones, blood pressure and heart. People who have oral problems tend to have a weaker immune system that results to them being prone to infections and illnesses. These can result in fatal cases such as kidney failure.

We should also focus on our oral health because it can result in various health problems that can endanger our lives and the life of our family member. Good thing there is a Bulk Bill dentist Taree that can handle the oral health of every member of the family. Proper hygiene is a must to achieve a healthier and happier life. Taking care of our overall health is the best prevention against all the sickness, diseases and infections that can damage our body.